Report of Japan Automobile Dealers Association

JADA (Japan Automobile Dealers Association) reported new car sales in Japan decreased again in September. The sales of Toyota Yaris ranked first for the third consecutive month with 12,696 units sold. Also 4 K-cars were ranked in the top 10. The Honda N-BOX topped the list of K-cars, followed by Nissan Roox and Suzuki Wagon R.

In September, new vehicle registrations were 205,423 units (30.0% down, YoY), sales of K-cars were 112,945 units (35.9% down, YoYr), and total sales of all registered vehicles were 318,371 units (32.2% down, YoY), have been decreasing for the last 3 month. Sales of all registered vehicles declined for the first time in seven months, and sales of K-cars also declined for the fourth consecutive month.

The cause of new car sales down for the third consecutive month in Japan


The global shortage of semiconductors and Covid-19 pandemic has been suffering in South Asian countries, leading to continued delays in the procurement of auto parts, resulting in widespread production delays in the delivery of new cars.

All Japanese manufactures experienced sales declines except Mitsubishi Motors

In terms of registered vehicle brands, all brands except Mitsubishi Motors have reduced their sales. Toyota’s sales declined 37.3%, the first decline in a year. Sales of Lexus also declined for the first time in 11 months, 27.8%, down

Nissan, Honda, and Subaru were 4.6%, 22.7%, and 27.5% down, surprisingly, these all for the first time in two months. Mazda and Suzuki were 50% and 43.9% down. On the other hand, Mitsubishi Motors reported a 23.7% increase, the 10th consecutive month of growth.

Mitsubishimotor 2

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